1998 New Holland 9030 Tiger Tractor and Accompanying Equipment

For Sale for $55,000 or Best Offer

The Tiger Tractor has many upgrades and newly replaced parts.


Included in the $55,000 Package:

  • New Holland 9030 Tiger Tractor
  • Manuals
  • Little Industries Flail Head Mower
  • Loader with Bucket
  • Boom
  • Tiger Rotary Mower Head
  • 100 gallon fuel tank.

Used Tiger Tractor in Brandon OregonPackage Details:

  1. New Holland 9030 Tiger Tractor Specs:
  • 3,300 hours of use.
  • Large four cylinder turbo motor.
  • It puts out 104 HP at the PTO.
  • It has PTO front and rear.
  • The rear is a standard 540 and the front PTO is 1,000.
  • There is a 540 adapter to replace the 1,000.
  • There is a three point hitch for both ends of the tractor.
  • The tractor is 4 WD and articulates in the middle.
  • The alternator is a Delco and is less than a year old along with the belts and battery.
  • The steering wheel and seat turn 180 degrees on a separate pod, allowing the tractor to be operated from either direction.
  • The machine has 8 work lights along with side flashers.
  • The tires are industrial R-4 and have about 60% tire tread.
  • The cab has an air seat, an interior light, AC, heater and stereo radio/tape deck.

Cab of Used Tiger Tractor in Brandon Oregon

2. Manuals that originally cost $400.00

  • Operator’s manual
  • Complete set of shop repair manuals which include blowups and parts numbers.

3. Tiger rotary mower with only 40 hours of use.

Used Tiger Rotary Mower in Brandon Oregon

4. The rotary head was replaced with a Little Industries flail head mower.

  • Purchased directly from Little Industries in Corvallis.
  • A new shaft was installed approximately seven years ago.

Little Flail Mower in Brandon Oregon

5. A Loader that has never been used.

  • It has a 1½ yard bucket and lifts about 14 to 15 feet high.

6. Boom with a reach of over 18 feet.

  • The boom and mower frame have all been reinforced and gusseted.

Used Tiger Tractor & Boom in Brandon Oregon

7. 100 gallon Fuel Tank with pump for a pick-up truck.

$55,000 or Best Offer for this whole package.


There are two parts that can be purchased separetely:

1. Tiger Rotary Mower head for $6,500 – Very Lightly Used

  • The Tiger rotary head came with the machine.
  • The rotary head has about 40 hours of use on it.

Used Tiger Rotary Flail Mower in Brandon Oregon

2. Loader with 1½ yard bucket and lifts about 14 to 15 feet high for $10,000.


All other equipment to remain with the Package Deal.

Used Tiger Tractor & Flail Mower in Brandon Oregon

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