Long Life Replacement Blades For Alamo Rotary Mowers Designed and Manufactured by Ellis Fab & Design, LLC.

These are a few of the main differences that sets Ellis Fab blades apart from other “knock-off” blade manufacturers.

  • The number one difference is the material Ellis Fab uses to make the blades.
  • We use a unique heat treating process¬† to bring them to the optimum toughness and hardness to stand up to the rough conditions these mowers are typically run into.

CALL FOR PRICING AND AVAILABILITY  for these Alamo Rotary Mower blades.

  • We also offer harder, more durable blade bolts for these machines which have a nylon insert lock nut, as opposed to the typical castellated nut with roll pin.
  • These bolts allow for a more accurate tightening adjustment and a more trouble free installation, maintenance and adjustment.

CALL FOR PRICE AND AVAILABILITY for the Blade Bolt Replacement Kit, which includes the blade bolt, nylon lock nut, woodruff key and washer.

We have experienced a very high rate of customer satisfaction and repeat orders with these parts.

Alamo Flail Mower Replacement Blade

  • For more information or to purchase blades for your Alamo Rotary Mower call Tom Wright at 541-829-9740
  • For Manufacturing & Technical Advice you can contact Roy Ellis at 541-231-7007