Major Design Upgrade for Axe Style Blade Sets for Little Industries Flail Mowers

Ellis Fab & Design Now Creates Better Axe Style Blade Sets For Little Industries Flail Mowers

After years of hearing customers complain about wear and breakage problems with conventional cast hammer and axe style heavy duty brush cutting blades for flail type mowers, Ellis Fab and Design technicians have engineered a solution.

They created blades that are flame cut and hardened to the optimum hardness for maximum durability and service life.

This is a major design change and upgrade to create better, longer lasting, less expensive blades for these machines.

After trying these innovative blades, our customers have reported the have used them for twice as many hours as would have normally worn out a set of the cast blades and they are still showing no appreciable wear.

Ellis Fab and Design anticipates the service life for these blades to be three to five times longer than cast blades.

This represents a major cost savings for our customers over the life of the blade sets.

Each set of three blades fits into the space of the old cast style blade and offers several advantages.

The saw tooth action of the blade corners do a majority of the cutting.

This new design has multiplied that action by three in each blade position compared to the old style single blade arrangement.

When these blades hit larger pieces of branches, the impact is greatly dissipated. This makes for a much smoother operation that operators really appreciate.

The lesser impact causes less wear and tear on the other parts of the mower including problems with blade loss due to broken bolts.

This better design will save you money, time and frustration when you replace your old blades with ones from Ellis Fab and Design, LLC.

Flail Blades for Flail Mowers

(Note: flail type mowers are not designed or intended for use on materials over 3″ in diameter.)